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e-Participation Policye-Participation Policy

Natural Resources and Environment (NREB) Sarawak would like to welcome the participation of everyone, especially our customers through e-participation as an important factor in increasing transparency and improving the quality of services, and we are very happy to receive feedback through our official website and official social media - Facebook and Twitter.
NREB Sarawak has the absolute right to feedbacks received in accordance with the policy set, but not limited to comments such as:

- Out of context or irrelevant
- Undermine or abuse of trust
- Promotes discrimination
- Encourage illegal activity
- Violate any intellectual property law or
- Involve a threat to security
- Violating the privacy rights of others
- Contains profane language
- Violating the laws, regulations and policies
Any topic of discussion is subject to review by the department before it is approved for publication, and there are no personal issues will be displayed on the official website and official social media.

To join the e-Participation, please go back to the main page on 'POLL' and select your answer.