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Natural Resources And Environment Board Sarawak
Sections & FunctionsSections & Functions

i) Administration, Human Resource & Finance Section

- General administration which comprises: handling of mail, filing and management/maintenance of assets and office facilities.
- Budgeting and finance, including preparation of annual budget, purchasing of goods and services.
- Accounting, including preparation of annual accounts, issuing of invoices, payment of bills, registration of amounts received, and bookkeeping.
- Procedural norms, comprising performance procedures for the organisation. At present, some procedures within the NREB are ISO certified and others are prescribed on a more ad-hoc basis.
- Human resource management, comprising salary and benefits, staff record, recruitment, service record, discipline, etc.
- Human resource development, comprising training, career development, performance appraisal, etc.
  * The administration of the regional offices is included in the tasks of the Administration and Finance Section.


ii) Planning and Development Section

- Plan, implement and report the environmental studies.
- Plan, implement, monitor and report on the State and Federal funded environmental projects.
- Formulate environmental goals and standards in consistence with the existing and relevant government policies and development agenda, as well as the relevant MEAs (Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements).


iii) Environmental Regulation Section

- Process EIA reports and other environmental reports.
- Review and formulate environmental guidelines.
- Process applications for open burning permit.
- Process applications for registration of environmental consultants.
- Provide inputs on environmental issues in various Task Forces, Committees and Working Groups both at the State as well as National levels.


iv) Compliance and Enforcement Section

- Conduct post-EIA environmental monitoring and compliance auditing.
- Conduct general patrolling and surveillance for open burning, illegal dumping and other point-source pollutions.
- Assess environmental monitoring and auditing reports for projects subjected to EIA and to initiate appropriate follow-up actions.
- Investigate public complaints on environmental matters.
- Enforce Natural Resources and Environment Ordinance and its subsidiary Rules, Orders and Regulations.
- Initiate legal action on environmental offences.


v) Environmental Education and Publicity Section

- Plan and implement environmental education and awareness programmes.
- Establish school environmental clubs (Kelab Pencinta Alam Sekitar or PALS).
- Organize environmental dialogues, seminars, workshops and exhibitions.
- Promote private sector involvement and commitment towards and self regulation through environmental awards and recognition.
- Foster public relation through press and other media for greater awareness and better rapport with stakeholders.


vi) Monitoring and Reporting Section

- Collect, collate, analyze, interpret and report on the water quality of major rivers and other water bodies in Sarawak.
- Develop, coordinate and update the State GeoEnviron System.
- Develop and update the Landfill and Dumpsite Information System of Sarawak.
- Monitor the air quality and haze situations in Sarawak.