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Justine Jok Jau Emang

Controller of Environmental Quality



Paul Bond F. Chamberlin

Acting Deputy Controller















Monitoring & Reporting Compliance & Enforcement Environmental Regulation Administrative, Human Resource & Finance Environmental Education & Publicity Planning & Development

Penny Sumok

Ag. Sr. Asst. Controller


Elizabeth Nyomek

Ag. Asst. Controller


Tsai Koh Fen

Ag. Asst. Controller


Datin Hjh. Mariati Yaman

Sr. Admin. Officer


Rahmah Biak

Sr. Asst. Controller


Tang Hung Huong

Asst. Controller













Bintulu Sibu Kuching Miri Mukah

Sinanawati Marto

Sr. Env. Control Officer

Dau Utau

Sr. Env. Control Officer

Christina Leysia

Sr. Env. Control Officer

Joseph Uyo

Env. Control Officer

Mohd. Jefrin Azlan Abdullah @ Jefrin Johnny Gutuk

Sr. Env. Control Officer













    Betong Limbang    



Florence Anding

Asst. Env. Control Officer

Anthony Malang

Sr. Asst. Env. Control Officer




Sr. Admin. Officer - Senior Administrative Officer
Ag. Sr. Asst. Controller - Acting Senior Assistant Controller
Asst. Controller - Assistant Controller
Ag. Asst. Controller - Acting Assistant Controller
Sr. Env. Control Officer - Senior Environmental Control Officer
Env. Control Officer - Environmental Control Officer
Sr. Asst. Env. Control Officer - Senior Assistant Environmental Control Officer

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