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The Official Website of
Natural Resources And Environment Board Sarawak
"Welcome to NREB Sarawak Official Website""Welcome to NREB Sarawak Official Website"


First and foremost, reflecting back on the various strategic initiatives undertaken by the NREB for the past two decades, we have to certain extent succeeded in advocating and enhancing the spirit of environmentalism amongst local population, private sector and business communities. Thanks to the continuous and sustained initiatives undertaken by responsible government agencies, non-governmental organisations, corporate sector and local media for their roles in enhancing environmental consciousness among general public.

As Sarawak embarked on its transformation programmes to become a developed State with high income economy by 2030, especially the development of mega and sensitive projects under the Sarawak Corridor for Renewable Energy (SCORE), emerging environmental issues will be becoming more complex and mitigating these will require proactive and integrated initiatives by all stakeholders.

This NREB's Official Website was established with the aim of providing updated information on environmental status and initiatives implemented in Sarawak. We are committed to improve our website to make it more interactive and visitors friendly. Additionally, we welcome feedbacks and suggestions to enhance our website and to improve our service delivery.

Together we protect our environment for the benefit of present and future generations.

Thank you.

"An Honour To Serve"

Controller of Environmental Quality Sarawak

January 2019