Kelab Kebajikan dan Rekreasi Lembaga Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar, Sarawak or 'KERENA' is the NREB staff recreational and welfare club who organise activities for the staff throughout the year to ensure the physical, social, welfare and health aspects of the staff are taken care of. The members also participated in events and activities organised by other organisations.


Among the annual activities organised by KERENA such as:



Monthly birthday for staff.


Celebration of Ramah Tamah Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Gawai 'Ngiling Tikai'.


Family Day


Sport Carnival


Contribute a token sum as a gesture of goodwill to the staff welfare for various occasions i.e. wedding, 1st child, academic excellence of staff children, deaths of staff immediate family members and hospitalisation.


KERENA EXCO 2019/2020


Chairman : Nur Aida Nur Azman

Vice Chairman : Christhe Mansom

Honorary Secretary : Rohaidawaty Ab. Rahman

Honorary Treasurer : Kartina Kasoma


Committees :

1. Khalik Mohamad Noh – Programme Coordinator

2. Mohd Rudy Tukirin – Media Engagement

3. Fazilawati Abdul Rani – Social Welfare

4. Felix Joe – Sponsorship

5. Mohd Syahir Ramli – Wellness


Auditors :

1. Lai Mei Mei

2. Roziah Haji Hassan


Events :  (proposed activities and programs for 2019)

i. Festive Gatherings (CNY and Waiya)

ii. KERENA Workshop at Kolej Komuniti Kuching

iii. KERENA Beach Cleaning Day (ICW NREB’s 25th Jubilee)






Programme Coordinator

  • Ensure KERENA activities/programmes are carried out on schedule

  • Appoint KERENA members to form a sub-committee and take lead of event/activities

  • In charge of KERENA’s promotion and public relations


Media Engagement

  • Responsible for KERENA’s photo gallery and archive

  • Upload shout out and news on KERENA’s activities in social media platforms (NREB website/FB page)

  • Liaise with media partners during KERENA’s event


Social Welfare

  • In charge of monetary distribution for members’ welfare

  • Record of KERENA members



  • To look for sponsors for KERENA events/activities

  • To assist in sponsors’ invitation during KERENA events



  • In charge of sports and recreational activities for KERENA

  • To get members actively involved in external activities

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