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Natural Resources And Environment Board Sarawak
Sarawak Chief Minister’s Environmental AwardSarawak Chief Minister’s Environmental Award

Since 1994, the Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Sarawak had carried out many environmental education and awareness programmes. These programmes, targetted at the school children, general public, NGOs as well as the industrial and service sectors, are aimed at increasing the level of awareness in environmental protection and natural resources conservation for sustainable development.

To date these programmes had, to certain extent, achieved its objectives. To further enhance these programmes, the NREB, in collaboration with the Sarawak Business Federation (SBF), introduced the Sarawak Chief Minister’s Environmental Award (CMEA) way back in 2001.

The award is the premier private sector environmental award for business and industry in Sarawak.

>> 9th Sarawak Chief Minister’s Environmental Award (CMEA) 2019/2020