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Farmers and local plantation owners are warned not to open any open burning activities
Posted on : 16 Aug 2018  Source of News: Utusan Borneo Online

KUCHING: Farmers and local plantation owners are warned not to open any open burning activities as Sarawak faces haze and dry seasons.

Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Controllers Peter Sawal said any open burning done at this time was not allowed at all. According to him, NREB has also stopped issuing open burning permits since last July. "Therefore, any open burning activity now is illegal," he said after a press conference on the 10th Air Quality Conference (BAQ) at Kuching Borneo Convention Center (BCCK) here yesterday.

According to Peter, NREB is now able to track open burning activities using technologies such as satellite imagery and digital map data. Hence, he said he would not hesitate to take action on such activities that could worsen the haze in Sarawak, with a fine of up to RM30,000.

Peter said Sarawak is expected to experience summer and dry up to September. "Although we do not expect it (haze) to be serious as in previous years, it still affects us due to the haze border crossing from Borneo brought to the wind. "But the situation is expected to improve next month, with more rain," he said.

At the same time, he said NREB and other relevant agencies were also monitoring certain forest fires and open burning possible spreads easily.