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Haze cross-border caused air quality hazard in Miri
Posted on : 16 Aug 2018  Source of News: Utusan Borneo Online

MIRI: The haze that affected the air quality reported in Miri yesterday was believed to have resulted from cross-border haze from Indonesia not due to local combustion.

A Sarawak Natural Resources and Environment Spokesman (NREB) spokesman said the current wind gusts had brought haze from Indonesia to Sarawak.

"The NREB Miri enforcement team is always ready to monitor if there are local open burning activities.

"The enforcement team also conducted daily patrols around Permyjaya, Kuala Baram, and Miri suburbs," the spokeswoman said when contacted by The Borneo Post yesterday.

According to him, the team is already on the ground to ensure that no open burning activities occur during this hot weather.

At the same time, he pointed out that open burning activities were strictly prohibited where farms including locals were required to comply with the law or they would be compounded or fined.

"We want to remind the public that open burning activities are prohibited and they must comply with NREB regulations," he said, adding that no open burning activities took place here.

Meanwhile, haze is reportedly occurring around Senadin, Lutong, Permyjaya, Tudan, Pujut and Miri suburbs beginning at 6 am to 10am yesterday.

As of 2 pm yesterday, the Air Pollutant Index (IPU) in Miri was recorded at a good IPU of 45.