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Last Update: 24 Apr 2018
Version 8.0.4b

At the State level, NREB is involved in:

- Angkatan Zaman Mansang/Sarawak Development Institute (AZAM)/SDI Environmental Management Committee
- State Bakun Cabinet Committee    
- Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Council
- GEF-UNDP Core Management Team for Loagan Bunut National Parks
- Integrated Environmental Education and Awareness Committee
- National Environmental Week
- Natural Products Research Committee    
- Panel Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan
- Project Management Group on Livestock Farming Area (LFA)
- Sabah-Sarawak Civil Council
- Sarawak-Sabah Environmental Committee
- Sekolah Rakan Alam Sekitar (SERASI) Committee
- State Border Towns Development Committee
- State Development Executive Committee (SDEC)
- State Information Technology Research Council (SITRC)
- State Judging Panel/Committee on Local Authority Environmental Enhancement  
- State Natural Disaster Relief and Management Committee
- State Public Health Committee
- State RAMSAR Site Management Committee
- State Security Haze Committee
- State Task Force on Native Customary Land (NCL) Development
- State Water Resources Council
- State Wetlands Committee
- State Working Committee on NCL Development
- Planning and Management Committee

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